Dear customers and friends, first of all we want to send you our best
wishes of health before this situation that we are suffering due to the Covid-19.

These are days for #estarencasa and we suggest you share with us your favorite recipe!

It can be from pasta, salads, stews ... to fish, meat, vegetarian or dessert!
We would need the ingredients, the quantities and the manufacturing process.

In addition to enriching ourselves with new culinary knowledge, this idea is for you to enjoy.

Since when everything has happened and we return to normality, we will invite 2 people
to taste your favorite recipe made by us in our restaurant.

It is a delicious way to celebrate that we keep in touch from a distance
and even more so when we meet again!

To participate you have to send us by email to , the following information:

- Name
- Telephone contact
- Name of the favorite recipe
- Description of the recipe (ingredients, weight of the same and explanation of its elaboration)

Courage and a lot of strength from #HotelZerbinetta